MCCI USB Switch 3141/3201 GUI

MCCI USB Switch 3141/3201 GUI

MCCI announced the "Cricket UI" a new cross-platform, open-source GUI for interactively controlling MCCI's USB Switches and Connection Exerciser. Please find the MCCI Cricket UI software information and latest release links here. 
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      MCCI®  developed a cross-platform, open-source, and user-friendly MCCI Cricket UI software to control the Model 3141 USB4™  Switch, Model 3201 Enhanced Type-C Connection Exerciser, Model 2301 Type-A Gen2 Connection Exerciser, and Model 2101 USB ...
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      Image of MCCI Model 3141 USB4 Switch, with US dime for scale The formal documentation for the Model 3141 USB4 Switch is coming soon. Connect the micro-B port to a PC using a standard USB cable. The Model 3141 will appear as a serial port on Windows ...
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      If you're confused by the various links for the software, please go to, and download the release file needed for your system. No need to download sources, pre-requisites, or anything else. The official ...
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      The MCCI Model 3411 has two USB ports -- a micro-B port for control, and a Type C port that is the test device. Use of the control port is optional. If left open, the 3411 will get power from the Type C port. If a charger is attached to the control ...
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      MCCI maintains a compliance Q&A on our main site. Please see