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USB Compliance Q&A

MCCI maintains a compliance Q&A on our main site. Please see
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    • MCCI Cricket UI Software and Documentation

      MCCI®  developed a  convenient and user-friendly MCCI Cricket UI software to control the Model 3141 USB4™  Switch, Model 3201 Enhanced Type-C Connection Exerciser, and Model 2101 USB Connection Exerciser  Please scroll to the "attachments" tab below ...
    • MCCI USB Switch 3141/3201 GUI -> MCCI Cricket UI

      MCCI upgraded and published a new UI software "Cricket" that supports Model 3141, 3201, and 2101. Please find it below link  For more information. visit 
    • Model 3201 Type-C Connection Exerciser Driver for Windows 7 and 8

      Model 3201 Type-C Connection Exerciser Driver needs USB-Serial port driver to install in the Windows based control PC. Windows 10 OS have in-built USB-serial port driver, It automatically detects the Model 3201. For other Windows OS (7 and 8), We ...
    • Does the Model 3501 Type C SuperMUTT replace the Model 3101 or 3102 Connection Exercisers?

      No. The functions are much different. The 3501 is an active device emulator. The 3501 is primarily a device emulator, not a multiplexor; the extra Type C connector on the front panel is for PD source and sink testing, not for USB testing. The 3501 ...
    • Can the Model 3501 Type C Super MUTT be used for testing Windows 10 RS4?

      Not directly. When running HLK tests for a given version of Windows, you are dependent on the tests that are part of that system's HLK. The Model 3501 Type C Super MUTT is not supported by the tests that ship with RS4. The tests that use the Model ...