Model 4811 Power Meter - Documents and Decoders

Model 4811 Power Meter - Documents & Decoders

The MCCI® NerveCircuit™ Model 4811 is a complete integrated AC power measurement system for LoRaWAN® technology projects.

The Model 4811 is a bidirectional networked energy meter able to measure and report a wide range of quantities including energy (kW), power (kWh), voltage, current, demand, kVAR, kVARh, power factor, frequency and more.

Here are documents and decoders related to the Model 4811. Please find them in attachments.
  1. 971001050c - Model4811 Power Meter Datasheet
  2. 950001548g - Model4811 Firmware README
    1. m4811-decoder-nodered.js -> Node-RED decoder for messages from MCCI Model 4811 meter
    2. m4811-decoder-ttn.js -> Decode messages from MCCI Model 4811 meter.

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Attached the 4811 documents.

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