Model 2411 Traduci Firmware update Procedure

Model 2411 Traduci - Firmware Update Procedure

Model 2411 Traduci setup
The steps to update/upgrade the firmware of the Model 2411 Traduci board are as follow:
  1. Connect the Traduci board with your system using the USB A to B Cable.
  2. Traduci board is enumerated as a serial device (Make sure that)
  3. If the BTP package is already installed, it is available in location C:\BTP\vx.yy.z\
    1. Note: Download and install the latest BTP package from this below link
  4. Open the command terminal; Navigate to the location C:\BTP\vx.yy.z\
  5. Depending on the OS configuration either 32bit or 64bit; navigate to \x86 or \x64 directory
  6. Run the below command to update the firmware.
    1. TraduciCmd.exe –forceupdatefirmware
  7. It will update the Atmega2560 firmware and the EEPROM images for all of the FPGAs. Take around 60sec
  8. After the firmware update is complete. Check that using the version command.
  9. Run the below command
    1. TraduciCmd.exe –version
  10. Check the response and make sure the Traduci board is detected by the system and its firmware is updated.
  11. Once the firmware is successfully updated, remove the USB cable and recycle the power.
Traduci 2411 Command line log (Reference Only, Firmware versions may vary depending on the BTP package)

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