MCCI Model 3411 Windows Driver & Test Tools

MCCI Model 3411 Users guide, Windows Drivers & Test Tools

The MCCI Model 3411 has two USB ports -- a micro-B port for control, and a Type C port that is the test device. Use of the control port is optional. If left open, the 3411 will get power from the Type C port. If a charger is attached to the control port, the 3411 will get power from the control port, and will operate as self-powered device on the Type C port. If a USB cable is connected between a PC and the micro-B port, the 3411 will present an FTDI serial port to the PC. You can use this port to change the operating mode of the 3411.

Please download the user manual from the attachment and refer.

The MCCI Model 3411 has two modes of operation.  It can operate as a pure loopback device, copying data received on an OUT pipe back to the IN pipe. It can also operate as a USB XHCICV compliance device, implementing the commands needed for USB-IF verification testing of host controllers and systems. The mode is recorded in EEPROM and persists across power cycles and reboots of the 3411.
To set the mode:
  • Connect the control port to a PC using a micro-B cable.
  • You’ll get a COM port.
  • Connect to that com port using Tera Term or similar – 115200, n, 8, 1
  • You’ll get a command prompt. (You may need to press enter)
  • Enter the command to know the current mode
    • "getdevicemode" displays the current device mode
  • Enter the command to select the mode.
    • "setdevicemode 0" selects USB-IF XHCI compliance device mode
    • "setdevicemode 1" selects loopback device mode.
    • "setdevicemode 2" selects Multi bulk loopback device mode.
  • Cycle power to the Model 3411
Below is the GIF demo video of how device mode can be changed using setdevicemode command.

When operating as a loopback device, the Model 3411 loopback device needs signed Windows drivers when connected via a Type-C port. 
  • Please download the Windows drivers ( for Model 3411 from the attachments for this page.
When operating as a compliance test device, the Model 3411 uses in-box drivers.

For testing in the loopback mode, MCCI has developed a USBIOEX application for Windows, and a similar USBIOTEST application for Linux. These apps help in testing loopback operations to find the performance using Model 3411 loopback device.
  • Please download the Windows USBIOEX test application ( from the attachments.
  • Please download the Linux command line tool (MCCI-USBIOTEST-V1_10-x86_64-Linux-GNU.tgz) from the attachments. The Linux command line tool requires 64-bit x64 Linux. Contact MCCI for other platforms.
Below is the animated GIF of Model 3411 loopback test demo with Windows USBIOEX test application. 

Below is the Demo video of Model 3411 as Multi bulk device running Loopback Test using MCCI USBIOEx tool.

Update 2024-04-05 13:16:00 IST

Attached the Model 3411 Users Guide document (950001616 Revision F), updated DFU image and 3411 windows driver.

Update 2023-12-11 22:42:00

Attached the Model 3411 Users Guide document (950001616 Revision E).

Update 2023-06-23 01:05 IST

Attached the Model 3411 Users Guide document (950001616 Revision D).

Update 2023-06-08 17:20 IST

Attached the Model 3411 Users Guide document (950001616 Revision C).
Attaching the updated USBIOTEST tool (v1.11a)

Update 2023-04-04 18:23 IST

Attached the updated Model 3411 Users Guide document (950001616 Revision B).

Update 2023-03-31 20:30 IST

Attaching the updated USBIOEx tool (v5.19b)

Update 2023-03-22 12:34 EDT

Attached the Model 3411 Users Guide document (950001616).

Update 2023-02-24 17:27 EDT

The drivers initially posted, V5.38.16.0, used the wrong USB product ID, and were set to expire after a year. Replaced by V5.38.16.1 drivers with correct IDs and no expiration.

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