How do I update the firmware on Model 3501 to version 45?

How do I update the firmware on Model 3501 to version 45?

When running HLKs, you may see the following warning message:

Type-C MUTT firmware version: 43, minimum required: 45

This will be followed by an error:

Type-C MUTT firmware is out of date, please update to the latest available version and re-run the test

You may then find that

CMuttUtil.exe /updatefirmware
(Note: It will take upto 1 minute to update the firmware)

doesn't update the firmware.

In that case, you need to download latest MUTT software package and try again. 
Or use two commands.

  1. Run "MuttUtil.exe -updatefirmware". This will detect the SuperMUTT board, and push an image to the device RAM. It should take ~5 seconds.
  2. Run "CMuttUtil.exe -forceupdatefirmware". This step pushes firmware to the device EEPROMs and will take up to 60 seconds.

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