Introducing the Catena 4710!

Introducing the Catena 4710!

This forum is for discussions of the new MCCI Catena 4710 FPGA IoT edge device. Let us know what you think, and watch here for announcements about software, FPGA code, availability and more.

Here are the key features of the 4710.

Lattice iCE40 Ultra Plus FPGA with 5000 LUTs in SG48 package.

1Mbyte SPI flash for FPGA bitfile and system software

RISC-V soft core, V32-I instruction set, 128 kbyte on-FPGA RAM

Full-speed USB for LiPo charging and download

RFM95W LoRa radio (on back of board)

4 sensors: BME280 (temperature, pressure, humidity), SI1133 (light), LIS2D12 accelerometer, MP32T05 mic.

Fully compatible with Adafruit Feather system.

Ready for screw-terminals for field wiring.